Cambridge Adlerian Society

Brief History

The Cambridge Adlerian Society was started in 1990 to act as a forum to promote and discuss the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler. It grew from the wish of former students of the Adlerian training course at Bottisham Village College to keep in touch and continue learning about Individual Psychology and Adlerian approaches.

Membership is open to all, and we particularly encourage membership from people who have not undertaken this training but are interested in learning about Adlerian ideas and concepts, whether you are a counsellor from a different background, or someone who is interested in learning about how the ideas can be used in the context of work, school or the home.

In the past we have run many workshops on a mixture of Adlerian and non-Adlerian topics, monthly discussion groups and talks, social events, a self-development group, a Family Day including a Family Counselling demonstration, and an occasional newsletter.

The Adlerian emphasis on Gemeinschaftsgefühl or 'social interest' and 'community feeling' means that we are a friendly group welcoming new members who want to contribute usefully to society.

CAS contact

Margaret Nimmo-Smith
Phone: 01223 778667



Room-hire for discussion evenings incurs a cost and we need money for mailing, refreshments, and annual grants which may in certain circumstances be awarded as a bursary for attending Adlerian Summer Schools or other training events. We therefore ask members for a nominal amount of 5 a year to support the Society and to keep in touch. Cheques should be made payable to 'Cambridge Adlerian Society' and sent to: CAS, 17 Mariners Way, Cambridge CB4 1BN. Thank you.

Please print and complete the form and send it to the above address.

NB: Names and addresses are kept on a database for mailing purposes only and are not divulged to third parties





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I enclose a cheque for 5.00